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What works for you & what do you wish to grow?

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Hobby Horticulture

An easy to use compact system that yields for one person

Intermediate Cultivation

Mid sized system combined with medium level techniques that produce large yields

Advanced Cultivation

Mid to large sized systems combined with advanced techniques to produce bountiful yields


Getting Started?

1 - Contact us, tell us what you want, and ask us questions
2 - Schedule a free at home consultation with our staff
3 - We setup and install your complete home horticulture system
4 - We educate while guiding you through the process of cultivation, so that you may become self sufficient
5- Harvest your own cannabis 65 days after starting

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Our staff's goal is to give peace of mind about your investment in yourself

We are here to help you


Benefits of Home Cultivation

Reduce dependency on medical insurance

Understand exactly what it is you are consuming

Gain ability to educate others with accurate information

Less need for pharmaceutical and laboratory made drugs

Increase financial independence

Become knowledgeable on what in culture is the new "normal"

Learn how an environment can rapidly effect living things

Things to consider

Do you have a proper residence for an artificial growing environment to be installed?

Are you aware of all your local and state legislation?

If you wish to provide cannabis for yourself, do you have a medical card?

Is home cultivation something you wish to practice long term?



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